OpenEdge BPM and Progress OpenEdge™ Application Development Platform


For years Progress OpenEdge (OE) has been a great app development platform. There has been tremendous acceptance of OpenEdge platform worldwide by application developers. Progress software has always been innovative and recent examples of cloud support for OpenEdge platform and OpenEdge BPM platform are perfect examples of the same.

OpenEdge BPM is a powerful enterprise platform for building business process applications that provide visibility into business and enable continuous improvement and agile process change management. OpenEdge BPM facilitates rapid development, easier customization, component reuse, and modernization of existing applications with the flexibility of choosing the right approach. It empowers you to be more competitive and create new channels for revenue generation by expanding your footprint with your customers.

This paper outlines various advantages of combining OpenEdge BPM, a business process application platform, and Progress | OpenEdge, an app development platform. It also discusses possible approaches, and a well-defined methodology for OpenEdge BPM adoption.

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