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Classic Examples of Intelligent Automation Across Different Verticals

We talk about real-world use cases of Intelligent Automation (IA) across key industry verticals. Discover how the application of advanced technology tools (such as computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and others) to a complex process can automate it from beginning to end, for purposes of reducing human effort and increasing efficiency.

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The Nividous Intelligent Automation Platform-Enabled Automation

The platform includes very powerful traditional robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. In addition, the Nividous platform offers business process management system (BPMS) capabilities. All these components have been developed natively and are well integrated within the platform. This combination of technologies allows for very sophisticated processes to be automated end-to-end. An easy to use analytics and dashboarding modules allow for real-time monitoring and reporting of business data.


The enterprise-grade RPA allows error-free execution of any business processes in any environment. It is exceptionally easy to learn and implement and can scale on demand. Learn more

Smart Bots

Smart Bots deliver intelligent document processing using natively embedded Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV)-based OCR, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).Learn more


The platform has tight integration with popular BPMS platforms allowing customers to protect their existing investments. Nividous control center has native BPM features.Learn more

Professional Services

Nividous offers full life cycle professional services that include process discovery, implementation, support, and building Centers of Excellence for end-to-end automation.Learn more

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