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Digital transformation initiatives are a common tack as you seek to differentiate yourself from competitors. Unfortunately, research shows that only some of these projects succeed. Nividous professionals understand the challenges involved in the digital transformation journey. With the help of Nividous' unique implementation approach, our team ensures the successful deployment of intelligent automation solutions in demanding environments and empowers users with the necessary knowledge to manage them.

Our professionals are highly skilled in intelligent automation technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Document Processing, and workflow automation. We are experienced in contemporary development tools and possess the highest industry expertise. Unlike many other technology solutions, you work directly with the same team that built and maintains the tools being deployed. They are well-versed in the technical environment within which the Nividous platform is used and have successfully deployed intelligent automation solutions across hundreds of customer engagements.


Guides customers through the process of discovering and defining their vision for intelligent automation. Our consultants work closely with the customer to analyze existing processes and recommend the best fit for intelligent automation. Our consultants bring deep experience working in various business domains and verticals. The key deliverable of the discovery exercise is to produce a custom roadmap for maximum business impact.


Small, agile, cross-functional teams build iteratively to create a solution as defined in the roadmap designed during DISCOVERY using the Nividous platform. Our consultants leverage a vast library of reusable Nividous-made artifacts. Nividous’ well-defined and agile delivery methodologies, best practices, and governance framework ensure successful, intelligent automation implementation on time. Implementation services also include educating and mentoring customer employees on the usage of the implementation.

Support / Maintenance

Nividous professionals strive to work along with the customer through their entire automation lifecycle. One of the key areas of this lifecycle is to provide support and maintenance of all automated processes. This offering focuses on seamlessly running, tuning, and optimizing end-to-end processes for maximum business value. Nividous support consultants ensure the process uptime per mutually agreed SLAs and monitor the processes to detect any opportunities for continuous improvement.

Center of Excellence(CoE)

The Nividous professional services team works with the customer to set up a Center of Excellence. The goal of the CoE is to maximize business impact to meet large-scale automation demand, ensure consistency and quality delivery, and create best practices to reduce maintenance efforts and prioritization of projects. CoE creation also includes setting up the infrastructure, training internal resources, and defining the governance model, roles and responsibilities, and critical ROI metrics.

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