Automation RoI Calculator

Calculate the return on investment (RoI) for your RPA and AI projects

Calculate RoI for Your Automation Projects

Use Nividous’ automation RoI calculator to determine potential cost savings that you can achieve by deploying software robots. Software robots or bots powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can automate a range of manual tasks at a fraction of the time and cost.

How to use the automation RoI calculator

  • Fill in the form to access the calculator.
  • Key in your AS-IS process information.
  • Get a detailed RoI calculation report. (Currency supported – USD, EUR, INR & GBP)

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    What you get in your RoI calculation Report

    We are delivering a very comprehensive report that not only helps you to determine the potential ROI of your automation projects but serves as a guide for you to make well-informed decisions. The following details shared in the report help you understand immediate automation benefits and the relative value of automating the given process.

    • Monthly and quarterly RoI estimates.
    • Comparison of RoI using Nividous vs. other viable platforms.
    • Process complexity vs. value matrix to help you prioritize your automation effort.

    How Nividous’ automation RoI Calculator Works

    Nividous’ automation RoI calculator captures the AS-IS process information, including the number of manual tasks, the number of FTEs, and the time taken to complete the tasks to derive at its current cost.

    The tool also captures other information related to the type of applications, use of structured and unstructured data, and involvement of your knowledge workers in decision making. This information will help in determining the potential impact of AI.

    Then, with the series of practical assumptions, the tool calculates potential RoI that can be achieved using RPA and AI for the given process.

    Calculate RoI

    Are You New to RPA and AI-enabled Process Automation?

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