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RPA and AI: Automation in Accounting and Finance
March 11th   1:00 PM EDT

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RoI Calculator for Intelligent Automation (RPA+AI)

Measure how much return on investment (RoI) you can achieve by implementing RPA and AI

Calculate RoI

Calculate RoI for Your RPA and AI Projects

Key in your AS-IS process information and our tool, with a series of practical assumptions, calculates potential RoI that can be achieved by automating the given process. You can easily measure the cost savings and estimate potential RoI that can be achieved with RPA and AI-enabled automation. Click on the link below to calculate RoI and download a comprehensive report that provides:

  • Estimate for monthly and quarterly RoI.
  • Comparative charts for achievable RoI using Nividous vs. other viable platforms.
  • Complexity vs. value quadrant to help you prioritize your process automation efforts.

Are you new to RPA and AI-enabled process automation?

Browse through the informative eBooks, webinar and blog linked below to better understand the use of automation tools such as RPA (robotic process automation) and artificial intelligence (AI), and emerging trend, Hyperautomation.