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Success Stories for Manufacturing Automation

  • Nividous Enables a High-tech Manufacturer to Succeed with Back-office Automation

    The customer needed to accelerate time-to-market to enable rapid growth and competition within a competitive industry. Highly skilled employees spent a considerable amount of time performing manual processes. The Nividous team automated over 20 business processes related to administration, human resources, accounts, and purchasing using Nividous platform to help the customer succeed with its back-office automation.

  • End-to-End Invoice Processing Automation using Nividous Smart Bots

    Skilled staff had to spend considerable time manually transcribing data from hundreds of invoices into SAP, which delayed the processing significantly. Nividous Smart Bots with machine learning, computer vision, and OCR capabilities were deployed to read details from several types of invoices and feed them into SAP with very high accuracy.

Automation in the Manufacturing Industry

After industrial automation led by physical robots, intelligent automation is disrupting the manufacturing industry. Intelligent automation, a combination of advanced automation technologies, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Business Process Management (BPM), is helping businesses to focus more on product innovations and core processes. Employees are freed up from repetitive tasks that are crucial but mundane in nature. These automation technologies allow companies to achieve up to a 40% reduction in operational costs, increased control over processes, optimized employee performance, significantly lower downtime, and increased quality.

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Benefits of Nividous Manufacturing Automation

Forward-thinking manufacturing organizations are integrating digitization into their processes to improve growth, quality, and efficiency. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), manufacturers can upgrade their production processes and business functions, achieving increased profitability, and labor relief. Enhanced process visibility with real-time process monitoring and auditing, and better decision making with analytics are the key benefits of RPA technology.

RPA Use Cases in Manufacturing

Procurement, invoice processing, inventory management, and customer communication management are just a few of many RPA use cases in manufacturing. Businesses can effectively automate a range of time-intensive and manual processes using RPA, while maintaining lower costs.
Accelerated Order Processing

Accelerated Order Processing

Speed delivery times and improve customer satisfaction by simplifying order processing. Automation enables greater accuracy and faster process completion time.
Automate Processing Bill

Automate Processing Bill of Materials (BOM)

Streamline data gathering – such as raw materials, components, and subcomponents – to provide better oversight to your production team. Meet production goals and fulfill orders with quality data.
Product Distribution

Product Distribution

Effectively manage and monitor distribution across geographies by automating manual operations and connecting discrete legacy systems with the help of RPA Bots. Improve revenues and decrease human errors.
Transportation Delivery

Transportation & Delivery Management

Automate manual tasks - from the initial pick-up request to tracking and reporting shipment status between portals and internal systems. RPA Bots can extract details from emails, schedule a delivery, and provide pick-up times in required portals.

Supplier Master Management

Invoice processing

Invoice Processing

Dispute management

Dispute Management

Credit management

Credit Management

Customer billing processes

Customer Billing Processes

Nividous RPA Journal entry processing

Journal Entry Processing

Nividous RPA Product service accounting

Product/Service Accounting

Statutory requirements policies of control

Statutory Requirements & Policies of Control


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