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Robotic Process Automation in the Insurance Industry
October 31st   1:00 PM EDT

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RPA in Healthcare

Enhanced Patient Experience. Better Accuracy. Improved Compliance.

Success Story

  • Voice and Chat Enabled Nividous RPA Bots Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

    The customer, a leading eye care chain, was aggressively expanding its reach in the U.S. and found it challenging to keep up with its rapidly growing customer base given limited resources. The Nividous team offered an efficient solution utilizing voice and chat enabled cognitive Nividous RPA Bots to serve the patients in real-time for scheduling appointments and locating stores.

Enhance Patient Care and Automate Back-office Tasks

Healthcare businesses suffer from an overload of data related processes. However, today, it isn't just about being efficient. Improving health, lowering cost, and providing better patient care are the key focus areas. While RPA Bots automate manual back-office operations such as sorting patients records, booking an appointment, processing bills and claims and managing inventory, your employees can spend more time on patient care and enhancing the overall patient experience.


Acuity Eyecare Group Expedites Digital Transformation using Nividous RPA

Discover how Acuity Eyecare Group realized improvements in operational cost, effectiveness in data management between discrete systems, and efficiency in handling change management with the help of Nividous RPA platform.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about the use of RPA technology in the healthcare industry.

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Boost Operational Growth and Create a Positive Patient Experience with Intelligent Process Automation

Leverage intelligent digital workforce to reduce operational cost, streamline front-office support, enhance data confidentiality, and connect discrete systems. Cut the process complexity and eliminate redundancies with the help of RPA Bots.

Claims Management

RPA Bots can process a high number of claims against different insurers within minutes with a hundred percent accuracy. Bots can also help in keeping patients well-informed about their insurance benefit eligibility.

Patient Assistance

Create a hassle-free experience for patients to book or register their appointment with you. RPA-enabled chatbots can assist your customers 24x7 removing the registration waiting room.

Data Migration

Easily replicate critical data across your discrete systems without keying information. Digital workforce eliminates the risk of human error by accurately automating information transfer and synchronization.

Vendor Management

Automation enables enhanced visibility into your vendor management processes. Analyze data to evaluate vendors and make better decisions. Effectively source and deliver the right health products or services to customers while keeping costs in check.
Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention


Overpayment Reconciliation


Data Cleansing


Customer Complaints


Drug Registration

Patient Registration

Patient Registration





Deliver Exceptional Patient Care by Reducing Process Complexities with Digital Workforce

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