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IDP - The Next Level: Intelligent Datasource Processing
July 21st   1:00 PM EST

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    685+ demo requests in last 4 weeks

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    685+ demo requests in last 4 weeks

    How Nividous Enables Companies Improve Competitive Advantage

    Nividous Favicon Improve process throughput Nividous Favicon Save Effort and Cost Nividous FaviconEnhance auditing and compliance Nividous FaviconElevate Employees' and Customers' experiences

    It's Time to Take the Leap. Be Part of the Next-Tech Revolution

    Humanize Your Work with Nividous Intelligent Automation Platform

    Unlock the True Potential of Your Human Workforce

    The Nividous platform is built with a holistic approach towards automation allowing for end-to-end process automation out of the box – automate discrete tasks with RPA, complex jobs with AI, and complete workflows with BPM. Altogether, this adds up to intelligent automation - and you control it all through a single easy-to-use interface.

    Numerous businesses across industries have achieved the potential RoI within 4-6 months of the platform deployment with the 5X lower total cost of ownership – immediate business value is created in form of improved process throughput by 60%, saving of over 80% human effort and cost, enhanced auditing and compliance, and elevated employees’ and customers’ experiences.

    Let bots work on the robotic work while your employees focus on driving innovation and business growth.

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    Everest Group Names Nividous a Major Contender in IDP Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

    "Its proprietary OCR and data extraction models, strong workflow capabilities, native mobile application supporting on-device extraction, and flexible commercial models are differentiators that position it well for success,” said Ashwin Gopakumar, Practice Director, Everest Group.

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    How to Preempt Workforce Resistance to Hyperautomation?

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    Real-World Use Cases of Intelligent Automation Part II Classic examples of IA...

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    Achieve over 85% reduction in time needed for Accounts Payable (AP).

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    Maximizing Automation Potential with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

    Documents in unstructured and semi-structured formats are still a reality in almost every business. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solves inefficiencies related to documents with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Discover real-world use cases to learn how AI enables effective document management.

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    How to build your Hyperautomation technology portfolio

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    Everything that you need to know about Hyperautomation.

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    Everest Group Names Nividous a Major Contender and Star Performer in...

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    The Need for Citizen Development in 2022

    By 2023, the number of active citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times the number of professional developers. Discover what is citizen development and why citizen developers are in high demand. Also learn how Nividous can help you get started.

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    Understanding API Integration: A Simple Guide

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    Begin your code free process automation journey.

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