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A Unique Quickstart Engagement Model

A Unique Quickstart Engagement Model

The model is designed to accelerate quick adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). You get a guaranteed successful roll out of a trained RPA Bot, built using Nividous Platform, in just three to four weeks. This model assures a speedy roll-out that supports long-term sustainability.

The quick-start process includes initial workshops, supporting a center of excellence, and a commitment to stay throughout implementation and through to initial deliveries to ensure value gets created. Better still, there is no cost unless and until the company is happy with the value outcomes it receives.

End-to-End Professional Services

Whether you are just beginning your intelligent automation journey, scaling your program or driving large scale digital transformation, Nividous’ expert consultants and certified delivery partners provide end-to-end professional services.

From the process of discovering and defining the vision for automation program, implementation through agile methodology, providing support to building a center of excellence, Nividous’ technology experts assist you in every step of your automation journey. Unlike other technology solutions, you work with the same team that built and maintains the automation tools that are being deployed.

End to End Professional Services

Business Process Management Implementation

Business Process Management (BPM) Implementation

The BPM implementation services include business process analysis, process automation and support. Nividous’ team of process improvement consultants having years of practical experience guides in discovering and optimizing processes that can be automated to improve operational efficiency.

NIvidous’ unmatched process automation services based on business process management solutions and over twelve innovative accelerators helps you to significantly reduce time to market and expedite automation process. You also get BPM solution support and performance measurement.

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