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Extend Hyperautomation to field employees and partners to save huge back-office costs
June 11th   1:00 PM EDT

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  • Upcoming Webinar

    Extend Hyperautomation to field employees and partners to save huge back-office costs

    June 11, 2020 | 1.00 PM EDT

  • BFSI Tech Summit and Awards 2020

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How Robotic Process Automation Can Benefit Your Business

Improve process throughput | Save Effort and Cost | Enhance auditing and compliance | Elevate Employees' and Customers' experiences

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Nividous Builds Software Bots to Help You Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey

Nividous specializes in helping companies maximize the value delivered by human workers. Nividous’ robotic process automation platform, Nividous RPA, allows you to free up your employees from repetitive, mundane and time-consuming tasks, improving their morale, productivity, and retention. It also allows them to focus on higher-value tasks that can drive innovation and improve customer experience.

Nividous RPA – Empowering You with a Digital Assistant

Nividous RPA is enterprise-grade, reliable, secure, flexible, and user-friendly intelligent automation platform. It delivers on the full promise of RPA, including advanced artificial intelligence and orchestration capabilities provided natively (and at no additional cost). It can automate any business process, in any environment with speed by combining RPA, inbuilt cognitive capabilities, process orchestration, mobility and engagement, and feature-rich analytics. Read More >>

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Customers Testimonials

  • "Today, our customer service delivery officer needs to just key in a few data fields such as the customer account number for Nividous Bot to grab data and statements from the relevant websites"...Read Press Release >>

    Senior Vice President

    Edelweiss Financial Services

  • "Our team, working with Nividous, has done an exemplary job addressing the challenges triggered by our tremendous business growth over the last several years."

    Chief Information Officer

    Freedom Mortgage

  • "Our staff can now offer a more personalized experience to the customers as the tedious and time-intensive operations are effectively automated using Nividous RPA Bots. The automation has enabled about 85% faster turnaround time, leading to increased process efficiency."


    Probus Insurance Broker Limited

  • "We have utilized Nividous RPA Bots to automate the end-to-end generation of over 18 reports, covering risk, operations, and portfolio management functions. We have also successfully automated a digital signature process saving us a considerable amount of time, effort, and cost."...Read Case Study >>

    Head of Technology & Transformation

    Sanctum Wealth Management Private Limited

  • "The Pricing Model BOT is truly a disruptive solution and the first of its kind in the industry. The said BOT works on both attended and unattended modes. Based on the early success, we plan to expand the use of the RPA solution for better operational speed and agility"...Read Case Study >>

    Director – Operations and IT

    A leading life insurance company in India

  • "We have always strived to be the most customer centric wealth management business in the world and we are keen to expand the use of Nividous RPA in removing friction in client lifecycle"...Read Press Release >>

    Head - Private Wealth Management

    Edelweiss Financial Services

  • "Nividous RPA enabled process automation has proven to be a game changer to support our rapid growth. Freed up workforce can now focus more on delivering better customer services"...Read Press Release >>

    Chief Information Officer

    AEG Vision

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Are you ready to transform your operations with automation?

Are you ready to transform your operations with automation?