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Achieve over 85% reduction in time needed for accounts payable

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Accounts Payable Automation Case Studies

  • A Leading Media Company Automates Release Orders using Nividous’ AP Automation Solution

    Over 60 full-time employees had to manually process more than 1000 release orders daily. The solution helped the company to significantly reduce the required manual effort and turnaround time, enabling processing of payments with higher accuracy and speed.

  • A Leading Multinational Consumer Goods Company Automates its Complete AP Process

    The company receives over 10K invoices monthly from more than 400 vendors across the globe. Nividous’ AP automation solution was deployed to enable seamless management of different types of invoices, hierarchical reviews and approvals from vendors, and step-by-step process flow visibility within a single platform.

  • An Accounting Advisory Firm Automates its Rate Validation Process for Client Invoices

    CNM LLP, the accounting advisory firm, has a tedious reconciliation process involving multiple systems to generate accurate invoices. The process was highly manual and repetitive for each billing cycle, but Nividous’ AP automation solution enabled a savings of four to eight hours per billing cycle.

Accounts Payable Automation with Nividous Platform

Manage high invoice volumes, accommodate thousands of vendors, improve end-to-end process visibility, and dramatically cut invoice cycle time from days to minutes with Nividous’ accounts payable automation solution, powered by its intelligent automation platform.

This highly configurable platform natively combines the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Business Process Management (BPM) to help organizations of all sizes in streamlining their AP processes end-to-end. Eliminate challenges of manual AP processes, including operational inefficiencies, friction with vendor partners, delayed payments, and high cost of invoice processing with Nividous’ AP automation solution.

The solution comes with native Intelligent Optical Characteristic Recognition (iOCR) and the capability to create custom machine learning models. With these advanced capabilities, Nividous RPA Bots accurately extract information from unstructured invoices that are received from multiple sources and in varied formats.

In addition, the native BPM capability of the platform allows automation of the complete end-to-end AP process that includes data extraction, invoice matching, approvals, invoice posting in ERP, and payment processing.

Watch end-to-end AP automation, live on Nividous Platform.

Benefits of Nividous’ Holistic Approach to Accounts Payable Automation

Nividous’ AP automation solution empowers you to achieve your business goals with a holistic approach i.e., enabling you to leverage the power of advanced automation technologies within a unified and integrated platform. This approach delivers numerous benefits, including achieving a higher Return on Investment (RoI) with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Up To 50%
Faster To Implement

With several pre-built components and configurable workflows, our customers have seen a very significant reduction in time required to implement our solution as compared to competitors.

Over 90%
Data Extraction Accuracy

Natively available iOCR and an ability to quickly build custom machine learning models deliver high accuracy from the very beginning. Continuous learning provides an opportunity for further improvements.

Over 85%
Reduction In Processing Time

An ability to extract and enter invoice data with minimal manual intervention and automation of end-to-end process reduce the overall processing time by over 85%.

5X Lower
Total Cost of Ownership

The platform’s ability to deliver RPA, AI and BPM capabilities natively, combined with flexible licensing and no transactional costs, drastically reduces the total cost of ownership.

4-6 Months
To Realize RoI

With the lower TCO, faster deployment and an ability to start quickly and scale over time, customer can expect RoI within months as compared to years.

Roll out your first AP automation in production in just 3-4 weeks

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Meet Your AP Automation Needs with the Nividous Platform

Meet Your AP Automation Needs with the Nividous Platform