A Case for Business Process Management Platform: Outside ERP Business Processes


Several organizations across the world have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications to capture business transactions associated with business processes. These operations are a small part of an end-to-end business process, and the process itself sometimes extends beyond the ERP system. It is difficult and often not possible to capture an entire business process by customizing the ERP system. As a result, there are several processes that remain inefficient, manual, and paper based.

In such cases, BPMS or business process management systems platforms help the organization in managing these processes outside the ERP. BPM platforms have the ability to change the processes as per the business demands and to enable complete process visibility and agility with process automation.

This paper talks about the benefits and the approach of using a BPMS for automating and managing business processes that change often. You will also learn about a business case that outlines the change management for a leading construction company who automates its procure-to-pay process using a BPM platform on the top of their ERP system.

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