Nividous at the 2nd Annual Opex in BFSI Summit 2018


Nividous was the gold sponsor partner at the Opex summit in Mumbai, India, that brought together technology experts and business professionals to discuss the impact of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation on the Indian banking and financial service industry.

The key topics of discussion revolved around disruptive innovations, change management, business intelligence and analytics, and process re-engineering and automation for operational excellence. The Nividous team, having 20+ years of experience in building and implementing digital process automation solutions globally, was well suited to contribute significantly in the areas related to process digitization, automation, and improvement that ultimately lead to business growth, reduced costs, increased efficiency and enhanced customer centricity.

Shvetal Desai, co-founder at Nividous delivered an engaging session on “Accelerating Process Digitization using Robotic Process Automation” where he explained about Nividous’ unique approach that combines BPM and RPA to enable Business Process Improvement (BPI). He explained it further with a use case of an end-to-end Hire to Retire process execution having Nividous RPA enabled automation within the BPM system.

He stated that “We know customers are not comfortable re-implementing all of their processes on a new platform as that involves high costs and long implementation time. BPI, on the other hand, is a different approach that allows them to leverage their existing legacy systems to optimize, automate and improve their processes with help of a non-invasive tool. While initially, such automations have a smaller start, it can be later scaled up as per needs for the different set of operations and processes. This approach not only helps in optimizing and improving the core business processes but enables end-to-end process visibility.”

While the financial service industry is undergoing a phase of rapid transformation, digitally-led innovation and diversification have become the highest priorities for the firms to stay profitable and ahead of the curve.

If you’re interested to know more about Nividous’ unique approach that helps enterprises in driving digital transformation, you can reach us at [email protected]

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