Nividous' Robotic Process Automation Datasheet


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools automate manual, time-intensive, and repetitive business processes using software robots (Bots). The Bots mimic human actions and interact with a range of internal and external systems in a non-invasive way. RPA is cutting-edge technology empowering businesses to quickly automate their business operations while dramatically reducing the operational costs.

Nividous’ automation platform allows technically astute business users to create and maintain process automations through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Putting this capability in the hands of business users further streamlines RPA as compared to traditional methods for automating business processes.

With Nividous’ Quick Start Guarantee Program you get a Nividous Bot in production within just 3-4 weeks. This program also helps to deal with one of the major problems that derails RPA programs, WHERE TO START! The Nividous team meets with stakeholders using a proven process to identify the best areas to focus on initially to achieve maximum results.

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