Gamification Toolkit


Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to help engage and motivate people in achieving their goals. In a business context, it improves employee productivity and job satisfaction for employees that are working on mundane, but critically important tasks. Nividous’ gamification toolkit is built with a modular design that allows it to easily work with BPM systems and other enterprise applications as well.

The Toolkit drives user motivation via a powerful set of gamification techniques such as

  • Providing a clear, structured path to goal and task completion
  • Rewarding users for performing desired behaviors
  • Showcasing their success and reputation among their peers
  • Reinforcing the right behaviors in real-time

The Nividous Gamification Toolkit provides a user-friendly web interface for managing the entire game lifecycle. It also allows the participants (or end users) to access their personal game dashboard and leader boards.

Learn more about the adoption of gamification in business and benefits of gamification techniques by downloading this datasheet. It also provides an overview of Nividous’ gamification toolkit.

Download Datasheet!

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