Business Rules Automation Toolkit


Human decisions which take place within a Business Process Management process are typically captured as human tasks. If such tasks (or decisions) can be performed using a set of business rules, then they can be automated. In some scenarios, however, these human tasks can be complex and depending on regulatory compliance needs, internal operations requirements or competitive pressure, may need to be changed from time to time.

If these business rules (or logics) have been automated using code, it will take longer to make these changes as it requires direct involvement from IT professionals.

Our Business Rules Automation Toolkit increases the productivity and consistency of decision making by automating business rules that are data driven. Even better, the toolkit allows business users to make changes to the business rules with minimal or no involvement from IT. Nividous’ business rules automation toolkit has pre-built adapters for popular Business Process Management tools that allow the process application developer a flexibility to make quick changes.

Download the datasheet to know more about its features and benefits.

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