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Logistics Automation: Trends And Opportunities

The logistics sector has always been ripe for automation, from the first mechanical pallet conveyors to the latest lights-out facility. Today’s most powerful logistics automation solutions […]

Automating Revenue Cycle Management For Healthcare Providers

In the U.S. healthcare system, collecting payments isn’t as simple as sending an invoice and receiving a check. Providers have to determine who owes what, and […]

RPA Vs. BPA: What’s The Difference?

The global Business Process Automation (BPA) market is expected to nearly double between 2020 to 2025, from $9.5 million in 2020 to more than $18 million […]

Intelligent Document Processing: Everything You Need To Know

How much staff time does your operation spend processing documents? Most companies devote extensive human resources to this task: One major logistics company required more than […]

Business Process Vs. Workflow: What’s The Difference?

What’s in a name? Can the terms “business process” and “workflow” be used interchangeably? Are they the same thing, or not? And—maybe most importantly—does it even […]

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