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Intelligent Automation

7 Proven Ways To Increase Work Efficiency With Automation

Wondering how to increase work efficiency through intelligent automation? This list of use cases will give you industry-specific ideas to get started.
Intelligent Automation

Workflow Automation: Change Your Healthcare Facility For The Better

Looking for ways to improve your patient care experience? Here’s why workflow automation in healthcare might be the answer.
Intelligent Automation

What Is Process Mining And How Does It Benefit Your Company?

Process mining is a crucial step in a far greater journey. Learn how your company can benefit from process mining — and what comes next.

Leading Companies Switching To Automation (2023)

As automation technology advances, the use cases increase. Here’s a list of some leading companies now switching to automation, and how they’re applying it effectively.
Intelligent Automation

What Is IT Automation? What IT Leaders Need To Know

Don’t miss the boat on IT automation. Learn more about how it can save your company money and keep you competitive.
Intelligent Automation

180+ Intriguing Automation Statistics

Interested in how well automation works for businesses around the world? Check out our list of over 180 automation statistics.
Intelligent Automation

Can Automation Fight Against Inflation? Thoughts From Nividous

We believe automation could be wielded as a tool in the fight against inflation. Here’s how inflation and automation are connected.

The Definitive Guide To Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

Medical technology is getting smarter—and improving patient outcomes. This guide to artificial intelligence in healthcare explains how.
Digital Transformation

How Document Processing Can Revolutionize Your Department

Intelligent Document Processing can save your team time, effort, and money—and it’s not nearly as complicated as you think. Here’s how the technology works and what you can do to get started.

Business Vs. Personal Automation: Which Should You Prioritize?

Choosing between personal automation or end-to-end business workflow automation? These comparisons will help you decide.
Digital Transformation

A 5-Step Digital Transformation Roadmap

A growing number of industry leaders are taking steps, though cautiously, toward transforming their businesses through digital technologies. They know the future is digital, and the […]
Digital Transformation

How Do Businesses Use Automation To Help With Their Daily Tasks?

How do businesses use automation to accomplish everyday tasks more efficiently? We surveyed several business owners to find out.

Top 11 Benefits Of RPA (With Real Examples)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is growing at astounding rates, but is it right for your business? Review these proven benefits of RPA to find out.

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