Leading Wealth Management Firm Automates More Than 15 Back-office Processes including Post-trade Processes using Nividous RPA

Wealth Management Firm Automates Post trade and Risk Assessment Processes


A leading private wealth management firm provides end-to-end wealth management solutions and aspires to be the most trusted wealth advisor for its High Net Worth Individual (HNI) customers and partners.


The back-office staff and investment analysts spent a considerable amount of time copying, validating and updating data between legacy systems, email applications, external websites, and Excel sheets in order to complete various daily tasks including frequent generation of reports related to stock holding and transactions, hedging, portfolio and assets performance, and cash balances.


In less than eight weeks, Nividous RPA Bots are deployed to automate the end-to-end generation of more than 15 reports, risk assessments, and post-trade processes, enabling the customer to save more than 1200 staff-hours per month.

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