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    BPM implementation best practices – part II

    BPM implementation best practices part II

    This particular point is around soft side of the issues that organizations may face while adopting BPMS.

    A pilot project is a great way to iron out a lot of issues and tune overall program structure to align with the organization culture and objectives. While it is important that organization starts with a pilot project, it is even more important that it picks the right process to begin with. We have seen an organization trying to get BPMS in and it was very IT driven decision. IT wanted to push BPMS across without getting business on board and built an “IT Issue Tracking Process Solution” as a first solution, given lack of immediate business support. The program went nowhere for almost one year, given there was no visibility or clear RoI for this. It took until a new CIO come on board to realize mistake of his predecessor and put program back on track!

    During the BPMS evaluation itself, it is better to begin with a workshop where business is involved to understand benefits and get them on board, get a business sponsor on board, who has a “right process” that can be picked as pilot.

    The following points must be taken into account to ensure you have picked the right process.

    • Process that is easy to discover and spans across departments
    • Clearly identified process owner
    • Easier to measure RoI, keeping the following points in mind:
      • Unpredictable or high turnaround time
      • High cost
      • Level of customer satisfaction

    Some of advantages of picking the right first process:

    • It will bring those sitting on fence in play and the enthusiasm across organization around the program will increase.
    • Every organization has its own unique culture and it will give you an opportunity to tune up your program.
    • It will be easier to justify the funding for other processes.
    • You can identify other IT support you may need as most of the process applications always have some integration points with existing systems.

    In next blog, we will review why it is important to pick right SI partner. This is one of the motivations for starting Nividous!

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