Expedite Digital Transformation

With Process Automation Solutions and Services.

Expedite Digital Transformation

With Digital Process Automation Solutions and Services.

Digitize Your Business with Our Automation Solutions and Services

Nividous’ digital process automation offerings combine the power of Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform business processes and deliver the highest value. The powerful suite of solutions and services, together with over 25 years’ experience and a rich partner ecosystem, helps organizations drive greater automation, business efficiency, and deliver enhanced customer services.

BPM Implementation

The Nividous team has an extensive experience of 150+ successful BPMS engagements. Our BPM services include consulting, implementation, support, upgrades and quality. Our methodology essentially treats an organization’s business processes as assets and fully ensures minimum customization by leveraging the BPMS features. Nividous leverages its extensive set of accelerators and toolkits to expedite process automation.

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Advisor Platform

The Nividous Advisor platform is built using the best in class technologies to deliver process, data and interface functionalities through well-integrated platforms for building cutting edge business solutions. It is architected in a way that allows Nividous to safeguard the investment that an organization may have already made in a proprietary platform that delivers a specific functionality.

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Product Engineering

Product engineering outsourcing is an integral part of all global businesses. It enables businesses to focus on their core strengths. It addresses several key challenges for companies that are making a leap to the next level of their expansion. Nividous offers comprehensive product engineering services around enterprise software and products. The focus is on building a long-term strategic partnership with the required flexibility to address customers' unique needs.

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Portal Development Services

Nividous provides portal and mobile application development as part of its “Interface” services. With the emerging technologies, organizations across the globe require a high-quality user experience across various web as well as mobile device platforms. Nividous provides Portal and mobile application development services on well-known proprietary as well as open source platforms.

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