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Product Engineering Services

Enterprise Software Development. Automated Testing.

  • Software Development Overview
  • Software Development
  • Software Deployment
  • Software Support by Nividous


Product Engineering Outsourcing Services is an integral part of all global businesses. It enables businesses to focus on their core strengths. It addresses several key challenges for software product and solution companies that are making a leap to the next level of their expansion. Nividous offers comprehensive services around enterprise software products and partners with customers in strategic long-term relationships, with flexibility to tune-up engagement that fits well according to the customer’s unique situation.

Software Development Outsourcing

Nividous has unique advantage of having a highly experienced and motivated team that has researched and engineered world class enterprise software platform. Nividous considers People, Processes, Communications, and Infrastructure as four key pillars of outsourcing and makes use experience in each of these areas for successful delivery of products and solutions.

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Software Testing Services

Emerging disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media are making a huge impact on product engineering. This has necessitated change in approach, methodologies and delivery of Software Testing services. With its roots in product engineering, Nividous offers world class Software Testing services. Nividous Software Testing offerings include both traditional Manual Testing as well as Automated Testing that suites agile development approaches.

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