Nividous' Advisor Platform

Built Using The Best in Class Open Source Platforms.


The Nividous Advisor platform delivers process, data and interface functionality through well-integrated platforms that are meant to deliver functionalities required to build today’s business solutions. The Nividous Advisor platform is built using the best in class open source platforms. It is architected in a way that allows Nividous to safeguard investment that an organization may have already made in a proprietary platform that delivers specific functionality.


  • Ability to replace one or more platforms with proprietary software platforms if the customer has already invested in existing technology

  • Each of the platforms forming part of the Nividous Advisor is a leader in its open source software platform category

  • Ease of removing a specific platform depending on the requirements of a particular solution

  • Maintenance and Support from Nividous along with upgrades for each of these platforms

  • Reduces up to 50% of the solutions delivery time

Enterprise Portal

The Nividous Advisor Platform portal is based on the popular Liferay™ portal. Liferay™ is a Word-class, standards based enterprise portal. All the enterprise portal interfaces of the Nividous Advisor Platform are responsive and can be accessed through desktop or mobile devices. The enterprise portal provides granular level user management and access control. It can also easily integrate with enterprise directory services based on LDAP for authentication.

Business Process Management Platform

The Nividous Advisor platform can easily integrate with the Bizagi, and IBM business automation workflow platforms. If a customer wants to use an open source version, Advisor platform provides Camunda, an open source platform for workflow and decision automation as an option. The Camunda stack has powerful execution engines for BPMN workflows and DMN decisions paired with essential applications for process automation projects. Nividous delivers BPM functionality through task and process portlets built into the enterprise portal.

Business Intelligence Analytics

The Nividous Advisor platform BI capabilities are built on top of the powerful open source Mondrian ROLAP (Relational OLAP) server. The BI Analytics have been extensively improved from the open source version for data visualization. Report building and Data visualization are carried out by business users using a Web 2.0 look and feel to give a world class, modern user experience, with minimal involvement of IT.

Document Management Software

The Nividous Advisor platform uses Alfresco™ Document Management to provide all the necessary enterprise document management functionality, including indexing, search, versioning, access control and storage management. The document management functionality seamlessly integrates with BPM and can be easily accessed from user interfaces of business process human tasks.

Business Rules Engine

The Nividous Advisor platform can easily integrate with IBM ODM or use the business rules functionality offered by Bizagi and Appian platforms. Drools is the open source option for the data driven business rules engine of the Nividous Advisor platform. The Business Rules engine provides a portlet for business users to access and modify business rules via intuitive user interfaces. The Business Rules engine is highly scalable and provides detailed change audit log, scenario testing as well as complex business rules functionality such as forward/backward chaining inference.

Enterprise Integration & Master Data Management

Invariably, business solutions need to integrate with legacy applications. The Nividous Advisor platform integrates with IBM business automation workflow platform for straight through processing (STP). The Nividous Advisor platform uses Talend™ as the open source option for message based straight through processing (STP) and master data management (MDM). In addition, the Nividous Advisor BPM engine also provides the ability to integrate with existing systems via adapters and restful services.

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