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Improve Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize Your Revenue Cycle Management With Nividous Platform

Is the manual, ad hoc approach to Revenue Cycle Management bogging down staff and holding back growth? It doesn’t have to, with the Nividous Platform-enabled Revenue Cycle Management process.

Request a demo today to see how Nividous automation can provide greater control over collection costs, make data-backed organizational decisions, reduce manual admin functions, increase operational efficiency, and produce positive financial performance across business units.

With the Nividous Platform-enabled Revenue Cycle Management process, you can:

  • Significantly increase appointments without increasing call center FTE
  • Save thousands of hours on tedious tasks, freeing highly skilled staff to focus on patient care
  • Process and reconcile millions of dollars in eligible claims
  • Reduce claims to cash by days or weeks
  • Start small realizing instant RoI; invest more while scaling across RCM over a period of time

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      Manual management of unstructured data was significantly delaying our claim submission process. Nividous Bots automated the data extraction, review, and claims submission tasks, enabling a reduction in a process handling time by 70%. We are glad that our staff can now focus on more productive tasks.


      A Leader in Specialty Healthcare


      Nividous’ AI-powered RPA Bots allowed for frictionless medical data retrieval to complete complex coding that is required to ensure fast, maximum Medicare payment. The automation has also enabled us to file reports directly into our customer’s EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system within 24 hours thus cutting down on their administrative burden. With the success of this automation, we are anticipating a significant increase in revenues and overall cash flow for our business.

      Founder & CEO

      Kane Wound Care


      Nividous platform-enabled process automation has proven to be a game-changer to support our rapid growth. Our highly skilled resources are freed up to focus on more value-added tasks, delivering better customer services. We have seen great success with the Nividous platform across different departments. The platform has played an instrumental role in revolutionizing overall revenue management.

      Chief Information Officer

      A Leading Eyecare Group