Migrating 30+ Processes to achieve Business Process Improvement

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January 30th   1:00 PM EDT

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Robotic Process Automation in the Insurance Industry
October 31st   1:00 PM EDT

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Insurance Company

    An Insurer Migrates 30+ Processes to Achieve Business Process Improvement



    • Insurance

    Solutions Highlights

    • Migration of 30+ processes to IBM business automation workflow
    • Designing and development of configurable common process framework
    • Dashboard-based multi-level drill-down reports

    One of the youngest and most dynamic life insurers

    The customer wanted a migration of approximately 30 business processes from an existing Savvion BPM system to a new IBM business automation workflow solution. The migration should not disturb the current business operations that included critical insurance underwriting processes.

    Nividous offered its expertise in architecting, designing, and development of solutions to migrate existing operations and deliver business process improvement and automation.

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    The migration was quite smooth and executed within four months. Owning to Nividous’s efforts, we were able to automate all existing processes as well as have improved user interfaces, functionalities, and faster user acceptance. The training time for business users after migration to IBM business automation workflow platform was significantly reduced.

    Chief Technology Officer

    One of The Youngest and Most Dynamic Life Insurers


    Kick Start Your RPA Journey with Nividous RPA Quick Start Program

    Kick Start Your RPA Journey with Nividous RPA Quick Start Program

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