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Gartner recommended 3 steps to start your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Journey

Robotic process automation (RPA) technology has already gained the tremendous interest of many enterprises for its ability to impact business outcomes with a significant return on […]

Automation In Healthcare: Achieving Operational Efficiency At Scale

Healthcare providers should be able to focus on one goal above all else: outstanding patient outcomes. Automation in healthcare can help achieve this focus. Think of […]

Business Process Vs. Workflow: What’s The Difference?

What’s in a name? Can the terms “business process” and “workflow” be used interchangeably? Are they the same thing, or not? And—maybe most importantly—does it even […]

Hyperautomation: Everything You Need To Know

When machines take over repetitive tasks from humans, we call it automation. But when comprehensive digital platforms take over entire business processes, automating strings of related […]

Supply Chain Automation: What Is It?

Supply chain automation goes way beyond traditional robotics. Certainly, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping benefit from physical automation technology—robots, automated guided vehicles, automated storage and retrieval systems, […]

Mortgage Automation Software: What Lenders Need To Know

Before you can issue a mortgage loan, you need an intense amount of documentation. Tax records, pay stubs, credit reports, bank statements, home inspections: Mortgage applications […]
Digital Transformation

5 Components Your Digital Transformation Framework Should Address

Few would argue with the fact that the biggest driver of digital transformation wasn’t C-suite executives—it was COVID-19. A recent study conducted by IBM revealed that […]

Data Entry Automation: What Is It?

About half of today’s work activities can be automated with available technology, reports McKinsey—and rote data entry is certainly a prime candidate. Before you decide if […]

The Gartner Predictions for Accelerating Results Beyond RPA to Hyperautomation

It is time to leapfrog forward on digital or be left behind forever. More and more business leaders are acknowledging this fact and as a result, […]

Attended vs. Unattended RPA: What’s The Difference?

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is a software that has the ability to launch and operate other applications using robots, also called bots. Professionals across many […]
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation In Banking: What It Means In Practice

For the most part, the banking industry has readily embraced technology. Large banks, in particular, have been experimenting for years with a variety of digital systems, […]

Top 10 RPA Case Studies

Despite the number of articles written about robotic process automation (RPA) these days, many companies still struggle to understand how it might realistically improve their own […]

Why Businesses Need The ‘Holistic automation – the change driver’ Edge in 2021

The pandemic-led economic uncertainty in 2020 forced organizations to cut spending and focus on operational efficiency. As businesses rapidly adapt their business models, investments in advanced […]

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