5 Surprising Intelligent Automation Benefits

5 Surprising Intelligent Automation Benefits

Intelligent automation allows businesses to fully automate complex work processes through the use of advanced technologies: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management (BPM), and Artificial Intelligence (AI)—including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and more. It’s end-to-end digital automation that frees human staff from the repetitive tasks associated with core business processes. Invoice management, insurance claims calculation, and medical coding are just a few examples of the work this technology is transforming.

The primary intelligent automation benefits are well-known. This solution boosts productivity, data accuracy, and process visibility. It can enhance employee engagement and remains a fundamentally scalable technology. Above all, intelligent automation—also called hyperautomation—provides unbeatable returns on investment and can dramatically improve overall profitability. But that’s not all this AI-enhanced form of digital automation can do for your company. Here are some of the surprising and lesser-known intelligent automation benefits you can start realizing today.

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5 Intelligent Automation Benefits You Might Not Know

1. Intelligent automation platforms provide quick, low-cost system integration.

Many companies perform mission-critical work on multiple legacy software systems. These business applications may have outlived developer support; APIs may not be available for flexible integrations. Achieving automation through these systems used to require painstaking and costly back-end coding. Not so with an intelligent automation platform. Because RPA bots operate through user interfaces—and interact with multiple systems at once—they make it easy to integrate entire software suites, establishing overarching automation through legacy systems, cutting-edge SaaS solutions, and everything in between.

2. A centralized hyperautomation platform collects valuable new data about key business processes.

When you perform business processes across multiple software systems, data gets lost in translation. You don’t have full visibility into how those tasks are being accomplished—or by whom. The Nividous hyperautomation platform creates audit trails for every task it touches. It collects and organizes new process data that allows managers to uncover bottlenecks and identify further opportunities for optimization. This enhanced data collection can also simplify compliance in regulated industries—insurance, financial services, healthcare, etc.—saving considerable time and associated costs.

3. Intelligent automation platforms combine business data with process data to unlock new insights.

Business data reveals the results of your work; process data shows how that work gets done. The former may include sales figures, inventory levels, conversion metrics, etc. The latter tells you that a particular user performed a particular task, how long it took the user to complete that task, how many times the user performed that task on a given day, and other action-oriented reporting. Typically, these two types of data remain siloed, with business data stuck in the ERP or an external SQL server database and process data stored across business process applications. The Nividous platform brings all this data together into a single system. This sort of data unification leads to truly insightful reporting, allowing managers to uncover redundancies, identify potential improvements, and easily measure processes against results.

4. The Nividous hyperautomation platform gives users a single-pane-of-glass experience.

The proliferation of business process tools is eroding efficiency. One study found employees switching between 10 apps around 25 times per day, while another found that accessing information across multiple applications costs the average worker about an hour per workday—a loss of five hours per week. The Nividous intelligent automation platform provides a single user interface for all your software systems. Not only does one interface recapture those lost hours of productivity, it also streamlines employee onboarding; new staff can learn a single system rather than nearly a dozen, which speeds up training considerably.

5. Intelligent automation through the Nividous platform can create a whole process ecosystem, including customers and partners.

Ecosystem participation used to be a costly proposition, requiring teams of developers to create unique portals for customers and partnering agencies. The processes you wish to automate frequently begin with a client or a vendor submitting a document. That’s why the Nividous platform makes it easy to deploy outward-facing portals for document collection and data sharing, such as a vendor portal for invoice processing. With this built-in ecosystem approach, you invite partners and customers into your automation—retaining full access control and process visibility.

Intelligent Automation Benefits On The Nividous Platform

The Nividous platform provides all the advantages listed above, with deep customization to match your business challenges exactly. Start automating complex workplace processes quickly and with your own staff; there’s no need for coding experts or data scientists with Nividous solutions. Sign up for a free, personalized demo to see how intelligent automation benefits from Nividous can help transform your operation.

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