Leading Companies Switching To Automation (2023)

Leading Companies Switching To Automation (2023)

Automation has, by now, proven to be an invaluable tool for improving business efficiency, cutting costs, and even, these days, assisting in the fight against inflation. More and more companies are exploring automation platforms and evaluating their processes to see where automation could do the most good. And thanks to technology advancements, we’re no longer limited to automating simple, discrete tasks, like data migration. Using layers of technologies—like AI, RPA, intelligent document processing, business process management tools, and machine learning—organizations can automate entire processes (like accounts payable or customer onboarding) to achieve even better results.

With so many businesses starting to take advantage of these solutions, you might be wondering exactly how they’re using them. Below, we’ve listed this information for an array of leading companies switching to automation.

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Leading Companies Switching To Automation

Company Name Type Of Automation How They’re Utilizing Automation Source Name
JPMorgan Intelligent Document Processing Review commercial-loan agreements Time
Microsoft Intelligent Document Processing Scan and process content Time
AEG Vision Hyperautomation (intelligent automation) Claims eligibility, submissions, and review;

data migration; report automation; new stores and employee onboarding; price change management; medical insurance/medical card extraction

Alibaba Hyperautomation Generate product descriptions for clients; also for shipping, logistics, and customer shopping predictions Contract Fit
All Chemical Hyperautomation Sales order creation, collections, on-demand invoice sharing with customers, and monthly reporting Nividous
AMN Healthcare Hyperautomation Checking and processing timecards Datamation
BML Digital Hyperautomation Invoice validation, medical screening, order generation, and predictive maintenance IT PRO
Coca-Cola Hyperautomation On-demand shipping requests, SAP invoicing process Flobotics
CNM LLP Hyperautomation Accounts payable Nividous
CVS Health Hyperautomation Handle benefits administration, including streamlining application receipts, payments, and issue resolution ITPro
David’s Bridal Hyperautomation Answer customer inquiries Time
Freshworks Hyperautomation Streamline areas of HR, such as invoice handling, employee onboarding and offboarding, and customer order processing CIO
Generali Hyperautomation Streamline the insurance customer experience as it relates to taking out new policies and making claims Contract Fit
Heathrow Airport Hyperautomation Built a low-code/no-code community of practice that enables employees across the wider business to build their own automations ITPro
HSBC Hyperautomation Customer interactions Contract Fit
Keplr Vision Hyperautomation Streamline the claims submission process and speed up more than 20 other internal processes including claims verification, inventory management, and more Nividous
Mercedes Benz Hyperautomation Works alongside humans to complete alterations, customizations of cars Guardian
Otsego County in New York State Hyperautomation Answer public questions via web chat Time
Reckitt Hyperautomation Streamline IT processes, including service desk and end-user computing and application ITPro
Redington Gulf Hyperautomation Payment processing, vendor rebate tracking, and data management Datamation
SolveXia Hyperautomation Streamline tax, finance, and compliance operations to save time and effort when reconciling, combining, mapping, and analyzing data Emergen Research
TUI Hyperautomation Incorporated into self-service portals that allow travelers to take control of their trip and cut waiting times Contract Fit
Unilever Hyperautomation Analyze speech patterns and vocabulary during virtual recruitment interviews Contract Fit
Ada Service-desk Automation Customer service chatbots Ada
Airbnb Service-desk Automation Search, booking, and payment processes Ada
Netflix Service-desk Automation Testing to ensure compatibility and portability across multiple devices Tray.io
Spotify Service-desk Automation Automatic artist payments Ada
Adidas Robotic Process Automation Standardize and automate processes across departments to reduce time to market Bizagi
AEON Credit Service (Asia) Robotic Process Automation Speed up its credit card application process to reduce the approval time of credit limits Bizagi
AgFirst Credit Bank Robotic Process Automation Streamline their loan approval process to close applications more quickly; also to streamline special asset management and onboarding processes Bizagi
AMN Healthcare Robotic Process Automation Streamline time card processing to support timely paychecks and eliminate time card losses Datamation
AT&T Robotic Process Automation Help technicians activate equipment for customers; collect data for service orders and customer service reports Flobotics
Audi Japan Robotic Process Automation Simplify finance department deals and processes Bizagi
Bancolombia Robotic Process Automation Help clients better manage their investment portfolio BoTree
BNP Paribas Cardif Japan Robotic Process Automation Simplify the claims process, including validation, assessment, and approval tasks to shorten the delivery of new product releases Bizagi
Citizens Bank Robotic Process Automation Standardize and digitize data related to the commercial lending process to help CX teams respond to customers in real time and accelerate customer onboarding Bizagi
Cobmax Robotic Process Automation Back-office operations, customer reports AiMultiple
Credigy Robotic Process Automation Process account-based documents by email, media download, or other types; forward suspicious emails for URL scanning and alert users if URLs appear malicious; support compliance by automatically downloading updates; automate IT audits including password strength tests AiMultiple
David’s Bridal Robotic Process Automation Chatbots handle customer questions, appointment scheduling, taking payments LivePerson
Deutsche Post DHL Group Robotic Process Automation Simplify access to the vendor data management system, creating a standardized workflow for compliant vendor selection Bizagi
Geesinknorba Robotic Process Automation Manufacturing process Bizagi
Harmonic Machines Robotic Process Automation Machine automation to handle a variety of tasks and tools Datamation
Harrods Robotic Process Automation Modernize its in-house watch design and repair service to give 100% visibility to Harrods staff and automate updates for customers Bizagi
Keybank Robotic Process Automation Invoice delivery and accounts receivable BoTree Technologies
Kyocera Robotic Process Automation Pricing approval process for large accounts Bizagi
Lexitas Robotic Process Automation Input files, extract data, and convert files to the desired format Xerox
Lyft Robotic Process Automation Marketing automation Flobotics
OCS Group Robotic Process Automation Onboarding process for short-term employee contracts Bizagi
Philips Robotic Process Automation Image recognition/computer vision; data mining to compare patient records with a global database of patients; and its Self-Health AI app Flobotics
RDS Virginia Robotic Process Automation Sort PET, HDPE, plastic film, cups, and metals at one of its Roanoke facilities AMP Robotics
Sicoob Robotic Process Automation Insurance quotes, payroll loans, and credit limit analysis AiMultiple
Singtel Robotic Process Automation Customer order processing, billing, and more Computer Weekly
State Finance Secretariat of Ceará in Brazil Robotic Process Automation Monitor and reward performance for remote employees Bizagi
Swisslog Healthcare Robotic Process Automation Streamline sales team processes and IT integrations to cut the lead time for quotations Bizagi
Tecpetrol Robotic Process Automation Standardize business processes to identify bottlenecks and improvement areas while still maintaining compliance with safety and environmental protocols Bizagi
Thomson Plastics Robotic Process Automation Transfer plastic parts out of hot-molding machines and place them on a conveyor belt for quality inspection Bloomberg
Uber Robotic Process Automation Customer transactions and invoices (UberFreight) Datamation
UBS Robotic Process Automation IT operations AiMultiple
Walmart Robotic Process Automation Day-to-day office tasks such as digitizing documents, handling internal service processes, inventory monitoring Flobotics
Wyndham Capital Mortgage Robotic Process Automation Loan setup, initial and closing disclosures, loan service initial reviews, and lock desk Wyndham Capital
Zurich Insurance Robotic Process Automation Policy issuance process BoTree

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