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Quality Matrix. Test Automation. Process Automation.


Emerging disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media are making huge impact on product engineering. This has necessitated change in approach, methodologies and delivery of Software Testing services. With its roots in product engineering, highly experienced team and adoption of modern methodologies, Nividous offers world class Software Testing services. Nividous Software Testing offerings include both traditional Manual Testing as well as Automated Testing that suites agile development approaches such as DevOps. At Nividous we don't assume anything about quality. We measure it to make sure we are delivering the level of quality needed for the success of our clients.

Nividous Software Testing Services Include:

Quality Matrix

Nividous has flexible engagement model for Software Testing services. However, Nividous Software Testing uses well defined process and methodology to deliver measurable matric. We measure it to make sure we are delivering the level of quality needed for the success of our clients. We use practical and cost effective quality metrics that are incorporated into the software development cycle. For us, quality measurement is not a one-time task, it is a continuous process.

Test Automation

Test automation is critical for the success of modern development processes. However, automation itself has many challenges. It is maintenance-intensive, it is fragile in nature, and it requires programming experience because as more tests are added, a lot of code is duplicated. At Nividous we use a three-layer automation framework that helps overcome the above challenges.

Process Automation

At Nividous we have deep experience in process management and have well defined internal software development processes. We assure that any well-defined process can be automated. As we continue to adopt Agile methodologies, continuous integration and process automation become critical. It is so critical that a new specialty has emerged to take care of these activities, it is called Dev Ops. Dev Ops involves all operations that help in process automation and continuous integration. Even though "Dev Ops" is an emerging specialty, the operations that are part of Dev Ops are not all new. For each project, we identify the processes that can be automated and make them part of Dev Ops.

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