Nividous President Alan Hester Joins HFS Practice Leader David Cushman In Hot Vendor Fireside Conversation

Nividous President Alan Hester Joins HFS Practice Leader David Cushman In Hot Vendor Fireside Conversation

Moorestown, NJ, and Mumbai, India, 30th June 2022

Alan Hester, President of Nividous – a global intelligent automation company, joins HFS Research’s hallmark series of Hot Vendor Fireside Chat talking about Nividous’ journey and approach to help businesses work at their peak efficiency by leveraging intelligent automation.

After being named amongst the Top Seven vendors by HFS Research for its Hot Vendors Q1 2022 edition, Nividous is pleased to associate with the HFS team again, participating in their unique videocast program.

Having been in existence for over a decade, Nividous has consistently grown its hybrid services and business process automation revenues by focusing on outcomes for SMEs. In this videocast, you’ll hear Alan Hester explain how Nividous responds to this market with solutions and frameworks powered by its intelligent automation platform/ intended to help business executives get to value fast.

Nividous has developed domain-specific solutions ranging from accounts payable and invoice processing, service desk automation, revenue cycle management for healthcare, new customer onboarding, policy renewal, and payment reconciliation for insurance brokerages to bank statement reconciliation.

Watch the video cast now to learn about the Nividous story to date – and its plans for the future.

Alan Hester also shares a unique approach about why Nividous’ team never leads with tech in their client conversations– despite investing heavily in their RPA, AI, and IDP solutions natively embedded within the Nividous platform.

“Our initial conversations are typically with business users who will use our platform/solutions and hence are focused on the business impact, not the underlying technology. It is easier for them to grasp the impact in terms of RoI rather than taking a deep dive into the technology. We do provide a demo and other technical details when that is required,” says Hester.

He shares more details about how Nividous helps businesses approach their automation projects holistically and not just siloed. He said, “Our engagements are based on a process-first approach. This approach enables our customers to start small – identifying simple, rule-based tasks to automate first – while keeping the end goal in mind. With our integrated platform, these initial automations are scaled quickly and easily to build an enterprise-level automation solution.”

He further adds, “Our journey so far has been customer-led, and we are now seeing companies shifting to IDP as part of their first engagement. And when they know that the Nividous platform has all the necessary technologies for IDP built-in, and they are not paying on a transactional basis, they immediately get interested in the opportunity. Additionally, it can scale up with minimal investment.”

“When discussing IDP, it is important to note that the focus is shifting from documents to data sources. When people realize that they can bring together data from all the disparate systems and report on that holistically, it can unlock so many insights into their business that they didn’t know were possible before.”

Check out the video cast today to learn more about what Nividous envisions about the overall automation market play in coming years and its role in leading with its automation solutions-driven holistic approach.

About Nividous

Nividous is a worldwide leader in intelligent automation, with more than a quarter century of success and strong expertise. Our solutions automate end-to-end processes—not just discrete tasks freeing staff to focus on innovation. The Nividous platform has thousands of bots deployed to our very happy customers in all industries.

Nividous offers an award-winning intelligent automation platform and professional services, including process discovery, automation implementation and support, and establishing Centers of Excellence to meet new goals as they arise. Our global team remains committed to helping customers improve efficiency and sharpen their competitive edge. Learn more about us here.

About HFS Research

HFS is a unique analyst organization: We combine deep expertise with rapid, demand-side analysis of the Global 2000 to create a visionary narrative on the interplay between business operations and technology. We provide tailored, innovative insights to help you solve problems, make critical decisions, and realize long-term value on your journey to the new.

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