Achieve instant approval and issuance of credit cards using Bizagi

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What is Hyperautomation, and How Does it Benefit Your Business?
April 30th   1:00 PM EDT

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cs financial services provider achieves 30 minutes instant credit ard issuance using bizagi

    Customer Achieves Instant Approval and Issuance of Credit Cards Using Bizagi



    • Financial services

    Solutions Highlights

    • Robust solution for credit card lifecycle management
    • Utilization of Bizagi’s inbuilt support feature
    • Escalation mechanism for quick approval
    • Custom widget development in Bizagi

    A leading financial services provider in Asia

    The customer consists of 30 businesses and offers comprehensive financial services with origins in the retail industry. The customer needed enhanced capabilities in operations to reduce reliance on an aging technology infrastructure across the front and back offices. The infrastructure lacked features and flexibility to deliver credit cards and loan products swiftly.

    The Nividous team delivered a robust solution that automates multiple processes, including document fulfillment check and enables instant approval and issuance of credit cards with real-time visibility.

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    The Nividous team worked closely with our business, and IT teams to map all processes across the credit card lifecycle and delivered a robust, automated solution. The solution was seamlessly integrated with our existing systems such as telemarketing and direct marketing, internal web portal, external credit trust system, and SharePoint, enabling enhanced visibility.

    Senior Manager, Graphic Communication Services

    A Leading Financial Services Provider in Asia


    Kick Start Your RPA Journey with Nividous RPA Quick Start Program

    Kick Start Your RPA Journey with Nividous RPA Quick Start Program

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