High-tech Manufacturer Uses Nividous Platform For Back-office Automation

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Automate Back-office Operations

A High-tech Manufacturer Automates its Back-office Operations with Nividous Bots



  • Manufacturing

Processes Automated

  • Hire-to-retire
  • Purchase order request management
  • Invoice reconciliation and shipment tracking
  • Contract management
  • Regulatory compliance check
  • Customer care escalation

Automation Highlights for Hire-to-retire

  • Nividous RPA Bot became owner and enforcer of a single source of truth
  • Seamless automation on multiple applications including, Greenhouse, Anaplan, Success Factors
  • Built-in 4 weeks and brought SLA’s well within the 60 Day SLA

A high-tech manufacturer start-up based in the United States

The manufacturer delivers world-class products that can revolutionize the way people leverage the combination of virtual and physical worlds.

With rapid growth and fierce competition, the customer needed to accelerate the time-to-market. High skilled employees were managing a pool of processes manually.

Nividous platform was deployed to automate > 20 business processes related to administrative, human resource, accounts, purchase department, and many more.

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We have seen tremendous success with Nividous platform. Nividous RPA Bots automate more than 20 processes across different departments that are highly manual and time-intensive, enabling greater process efficiency, end-to-end visibility, and faster turn-around time.

Business Optimisation & Transformation Leader

A Leading High-tech Manufacturer


Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

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