Nividous RPA enables high tech manufacturer to succeed with back office automation

A High-tech Manufacturer Automates its Back-office Operations with Nividous Bots


The mission of this high-tech manufacturer is to deliver world-class products that can revolutionize the way people leverage the combination of virtual and physical worlds.


With the rapid growth and fierce competition, the customer needed to accelerate time-to-market. High skilled employees spent a considerable amount of time performing manual processes such as job requisition process, purchase orders management, contract compliance, and invoice reconciliations across multiple systems. These were incredibly time consuming and created a negative impact on the success of a product launch.


The Nividous team automates more than 20 business processes related to administrative, human resource, accounts, and purchase department using its robotic process automation product to help the customer succeed with its back-office automation.

The customer achieves up to 40% reduction in operational cost and 60% accelerated process completion time with the help of automated processes including job requisition process, and automated invoice processing.

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