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IDP - The Next Level: Intelligent Datasource Processing
July 21st   1:00 PM EST

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    Customized to Your Accounts Payable (AP) Needs

    Transform Your Accounts Payable with Nividous Platform

    Tired of tedious paperwork, manual data entry and delayed payments? Request a demo now, to see how Nividous’ accounts payable solution can help set you free from manual AP processes. The solution is powered by Nividous’ intelligent automation platform that natively combines the power of advanced automation technologies to deliver end-to-end automation.

    With Nividous’ best-in-class AP automation framework you can achieve

    • 5X less Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Over 90% data extraction accuracy that will continue to improve over time
    • More than 85% reduction in processing time
    • Real-time visibility
    • 4-6 months to realize greater RoI
    • And most importantly, the ability to free up your resources to manage more meaningful work

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        Nividous’ comprehensive accounts payable automation solution has helped us reduce manual efforts and turnaround time significantly enabling us to process payments with higher accuracy and speed.

        Head of IT

        A Leading Media Company


        Nividous’ feature-rich AP automation solution has helped us automate end-to-end accounts payable process and reduce instances of manually managing vendors’ queries. The automation has helped us improve our relations with vendors and handle a large volume of invoices with better accuracy and speed.

        Head of IT

        A Leading Multinational Consumer Goods Company


        Nividous’ AP automation solution is extremely sophisticated and handles complex processes by advancing RPA Bots with the capabilities of artificial intelligence, business process management, and embedded analytics. The robust automation and an ability to report on it along with solid workflow management help us effectively solve our clients’ challenges.

        Managing Director

        CNM LLP, An Accounting Advisory Firm