Alan Hester

Alan Hester

President, Nividous

Alan, a proven technology leader, has worked with a wide range of enterprises. He is an expert in designing technology strategies that maximize business resources with a focus on process optimization and automation to deliver optimal business results.


As business leaders reimagine their operations with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at the core, customer service is no exception.

According to Kate Leggett, Principal Analyst at Forrester, “AI upends customer service operations. Automation and AI help agents complete repetitive, predictable tasks — or take over those tasks completely and interact with customers autonomously to add value. They allow organizations to manage the ballooning volumes of interactions across an increasing number of channels without increasing agent headcount. The result? Agents are no longer essential to scale.”

Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage automation, data, and agents together exploiting each of their unique strengths and drive better customer satisfaction.

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