Alan Hester

Alan Hester

President, Nividous

Alan, a proven technology leader, has worked with a wide range of enterprises. He is an expert in designing technology strategies that maximize business resources with a focus on process optimization and automation to deliver optimal business results.


With a myriad of automation tools to choose from, many organizations are grappling with how to start their automation journey with the right strategy and operating model. Join us for this final session of the Intelligent Automation (IA) webinar series as we talk about how to get started with IA and scaling your automation programs to deliver maximum transformative value.

We will share an effective model to help you navigate from identifying opportunities for intelligent automation to implementing and scaling them across the enterprise. You will learn how to leverage IA technologies for business transformation by building your centers of excellence (CoE).

We will be offering a unique Quick Start Program that guarantees a trained Nividous RPA Bot in production in just 3-4 weeks for those who are new to any automation technology.

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In this session, gather insights on:

  • How to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • An effective model to start and scale your automation.
  • Building your CoE – key insights and best practices.