Alan Hester

Alan Hester

President, Nividous

Satish Dave

Satish Dave

Chief Information Officer, Acuity Eyecare Group


As a practice acquisition and operational support team, Acuity Eyecare Group supports and empowers eyecare professionals to grow their practices while elevating focus on the most valuable part of the business—delivering excellent eyecare.

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The company is rapidly growing and looking forward to further expand its footprint in several regions through the acquisitions of additional market-leading eyecare groups and independent optometrists. Such strategic yet consistent expansion has brought a few challenges including an increase in operational cost, integrating discrete systems to a central product and difficulty in dealing with change management with limited skilled resources.

Nividous RPA a robust Robotic Process Automation solution has played an instrumental role in enabling seamless integration between independent systems requiring minimal change management and investment and in return allowing significant improvement in cost reduction, data accuracy and time to market.

Attend the live webinar to learn how Acuity Eyecare Group embraced Nividous RPA platform to expedite its digital transformation journey by optimizing and automating its core business processes and realized positive ROI within a few months.

You will learn:

  • Brief of RPA technology, its applicability, and benefits
  • Nividous RPA and it’s unique Quick Start Engagement Model
  • Key challenges faced by Acuity Eyecare Group
  • Nividous RPA use cases for Acuity Eyecare Group