The success story of All Chemicals Transport Corporation

The success story of All Chemicals Transport Corporation

All Chemical is a full-service bulk liquid transportation company specializing in hauling chemicals in tankers and ISO containers.

“With the Nividous platform, we have automated several processes and saved significant time on our human capital. The platform is easy to use and scale – we grew our company by 35% last year without additional overhead costs. The best thing is that we can have new process automation in production in two to three weeks max as a dedicated Nividous team works with us knowing our systems and line of business like a pro,” says the Chief Operating Officer of All Chemical Transport Corp.

Watch the video to hear more from the COO about how the Nividous team helped the customer identify potential areas for automation that can deliver higher ROI in a shorter period and quickly scale the automation solution saving time and money.

Key business benefits include,

  • >80% improved process TAT
  • 100% reduction in manual errors
  • >65% reduction in operational costs