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Instructor-led, Remote/On-premise Nividous RPA Training

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Train to become a certified Nividous RPA professional and take the lead in your field. Learn and master the fundamentals of Robotic Process Automation and the inner workings of Nividous RPA. The modules are designed to facilitate gradual learning, starting from basic concepts and building to advanced techniques. Courses include hands-on-experience with Nividous RPA components, namely studio, bots, and control center. Set the pace in your career with our instructor-led training program conducted remotely or on-premise.

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This module covers the fundamental concepts of Robotic Process Automation, which can help the learner eventually build a strong knowledge of full-stack automation.


  • Understanding of Robotic Process Automation
  • Step by step process of building automation using Nividous RPA Studio
  • Developing automation processes for commonly used applications
  • Selecting suitable applications for automation


No pre-knowledge is required. All you need is Enthusiasm! However, basic knowledge of any programming language would be an added advantage.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Nividous RPA studio
  • Data manipulation, iterations and conditions
  • File handling, working with Excel and PDF files, string manipulation
  • Desktop automation and usage of desktop recorder
  • Web scraping and usage of web recorder
  • Image (OCR) based automation and usage of the image recorder


Learn advanced automation techniques, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This module also covers details related to Nividous RPA Control Center, which is a centralized dashboard to schedule, manage, control, and scale bots. Its real-time, feature-rich analytics provide deep insights into the process as well as the business data related to the Bot executions.


  • Learning advanced automation techniques
  • Process deployment and administration
  • Creating an environment
  • Scheduling and monitoring processes
  • Remote execution and centralized Bot logs
  • Structured and un-structured document processing
  • Natural language processing


Basic Nividous RPA training program and certification

Course Outline

  • Interacting with web APIs
  • Communicating with Telnet
  • Mobile automation
  • Introduction to Nividous RPA Control Center and Bot
  • Process deployment, scheduling, monitoring and administration
  • Advanced web scraping, database automation, and XML automation
  • Advanced AI/ML techniques such as computer vision to process structured and unstructured documents
  • Using NLP for text classification, entity recognition and prediction applications


This module covers external system integration, building custom automation library, and best practices to implement robotic processes. Nividous RPA offers various integration layers to interact with external web or cloud-based applications. Nividous RPA platform allows the development of new/additional libraries to support custom automation need as well as the development of reusable components. Nividous RPA integration with the existing application is supported through Nividous RPA REST APIs. Nividous RPA also offers a custom portal development option where you can design and deploy custom web portal.


  • To build or reuse custom class library
  • Integrating Nividous RPA into an existing application
  • Understanding common resources
  • Working with Nividous RPA portal development toolkit


  • Basic Nividous RPA Training Program and certification
  • Intermediate Nividous RPA Training Program and certification
  • Basic knowledge of Python and Java programming

Course Outline

  • ACL: Users, roles and other resources administration
  • Building a custom library for the interaction with external cloud-based service
  • Utilizing common resources, exception and transaction handling, retry mechanism
  • Integrate Nividous RPA with an external application using REST APIs and webhooks
  • Custom portal and dashboard development using Nividous RPA portal development toolkit

Become a certified Nividous RPA practitioner today!

Become a certified Nividous RPA practitioner today!

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