Nividous to Sponsor the Opex Week 2020 | Nividous RPA

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Getting Started with Automation
January 30th   1:00 PM EDT

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Robotic Process Automation in the Insurance Industry
October 31st   1:00 PM EDT

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OPEX WEEK 2020 – January 21 – 24

The Omni Orlando Resort, Champions Gate FL

The Nividous RPA Platform

Built for humanizing work with automation

From your very first automation project to your broader digital transformation goals across the enterprise, the platform can be your single source of truth.

Intelligent | Proven | Secure & Scalable | High Value to Cost | Full Lifecycle Professional Services

At Opex Week, the Nividous team is looking forward to collaborating with professionals and helping them to visualize the strategic implications of streamlining work between humans and software robots.

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