Bud Boughton to be featured presenter at Do It Best’s Techapalooza Technology Conference 2017

2017 techapalooza technology conference

Indianapolis, 10th February 2017:

Bud Boughton, a published author and Vice President of Business Development for Nividous Software Solutions, Inc. will be a featured presenter at the upcoming 2017 Techapalooza Technology Conference sponsored by Do It Best Corporation. Taking the theme from his latest book, Coaching is Teaching at its Best!, Boughton will take the coaching philosophy and the same 10 Tips he covers in his book and explain how they can also be applied in the business world. As companies look to successfully achieve a digital transformation, there is a new realization that leadership and culture can be more important than technology when it comes to successfully transforming a company.

Bud Boughton, a 30-year veteran of the technology/software industry who also has background as a college football coach, has a unique perspective on how companies need to “coach” (lead) their people to help them embrace change and openly pursue more innovative ways of doing their work. “I am of the belief that we do our best coaching when we are effectively teaching and this is true in business as well as athletics. You can’t just tell people what to do, you need to lead them in such a way so that they want to do it.” In his business career, Mr. Boughton has worked for several Fortune 100 companies (Procter & Gamble, Xerox and IBM) and helped take a banking software company public in 1996.

Presently, he is helping to grow the U.S. presence for Nividous Software Solutions, Inc. as a Vice President of Business Development. In his words, “This is an exciting time to be a part of Nividous. We can do everything from extending the scale of an IT organization with our professional services, to engineering new software products, to providing cloud-based managed services such as QA, Testing and BPM support. We can add value in many ways.”

Boughton is scheduled to speak at the Techapalooza Conference on Wednesday, March 15 th at the Do It Best Headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

About Nividous:

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The Nividous leadership has 20+ years of experience in delivering 500+ digital process automation solutions globally that are automating entire value chain of customers, used by more than 50000 users and are deployed across 60+ engagements.

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