Premier InfoAssists achieves an 80% Reduction in human dependency for International Trade Documentation Processes with Nividous Platform


Moorestown, NJ, and Mumbai, India 5th June 2021:

Nividous Software Solutions, a global intelligent automation company, announced a successful deployment of its hyperautomation platform for Premier InfoAssists Pvt. Ltd., a leading export and import trade management services company.

Started in 2007 with a vision to provide ease of doing International Trade and Commerce by consistently providing unbeatable and unmatchable services to International clients, Premier InfoAssists has aided its clients with a trade volume of more than 2 million TEUs. The company wanted to streamline its manual and tedious shipping documentation processes that involved manual review and validation of various documents received at different intervals (starting with the generation of new sales orders through the delivery of the consignment).

The company selected Nividous as its preferred automation partner to address the need to automate complex and tedious shipping documentation processes and improve process efficiency.

The use of natively embedded RPA, AI, and BPM components within the Nividous hyperautomation platform allowed Premier InfoAssists to improve overall process efficiency and reduce human dependency by 80%. The Nividous Bots are deployed to automate the Letter of Credit (LC) amendment process, while validating a range of documents including Bill of Lading, Insurance, Certificate of Origin, and Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate.

Premier InfoAssists strongly believes that the continual use of the Nividous hyperautomation platform will help them serve their customers better and drive increased revenues and improved operational efficiency.

“Nividous Bots with natively embedded cognitive capabilities have allowed us to significantly expedite the time-intensive documentation process. We have successfully moved document processing from a team of 12 employees to the Nividous hyperautomation platform—saving nearly 900 employee hours every month and reducing Turn Around Time (TAT) by 60%. Most importantly, the documents are processed in real-time which was not possible earlier,” says Vikas Chhajer, Director at Premier InfoAssists.

Shvetal Desai, Co-founder at Nividous underlines, “Nividous Intelligent Automation platform is built with a vision to help businesses leverage holistic automation of tasks and processes. This intelligent automation enabled error-free and speedy processing. Moreover, native BPM capabilities enabled the effective work orchestration between humans and Bots powered by native AI capabilities. We are glad that the customer is planning to patent this innovative and unique automation solution delivered by Nividous.”

Premier InfoAssists has successfully scaled up the Nividous platform to automate multiple other business processes that are good candidates for hyperautomation, namely booking of the container and its tracking process. The Nividous team continues to work closely with the Premier InfoAssists team, identifying opportunities to automate more processes and building a highly functional human workforce.

About Nividous

Nividous helps you to unleash the true potential of your workforce by humanizing work with its Hyperautomation platform.

The Nividous leadership team has decades of experience delivering hundreds of digital process automation solutions in companies and organizations of various sizes around the world.

Leveraging its tremendous domain expertise, the Nividous team offers vertical solutions that are RPA and AI-enabled and built on configurable process automation capabilities to empower businesses to operate with flexibility and agility. Nividous also offers end-to-end professional services that include process discovery, implementation, support, and building Centers of Excellence (CoE).

About Premier InfoAssists

Premier InfoAssists with a vision to provide ease of doing International Trade and Commerce has successfully grown and still growing with its core team and highly qualified and motivated employees.

With helping in the execution of EXIM trade for its Clients, the team has provided remarkable support and assistance for a trade volume of more than 2 million TEUs. The team not only executes business possibilities but also helps in identifying new possibilities, prospects, and goals for our clients.

Belgian Recycler, Gemini Corporation NV, one of Premier’s biggest client, is one of the world’s leading circular economy market makers, annually recycling over 400,000 tonnes of plastics and over 2.0 million tonnes of raw materials globally. The company has its network of recycling facilities spread across the globe and operates through 35 owned or affiliate offices and 30 warehouses in 27 countries. Gemini’s contribution in the Sustainability and Recycling area has been recognized by various associations.

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