Nividous Launches Enhanced IDP Capabilities within its Integrated Intelligent Automation Platform

Nividous Launches Enhanced IDP Capabilities within its Integrated Intelligent Automation Platform

Moorestown, NJ, and Mumbai, India, 12th October 2022

Nividous has recently introduced improvements to its platform’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities. These new advancements allow out-of-the-box data extraction from any document type (such as invoices, identity cards, and loan applications) and various formats, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. The new IDP improvements are enabled by the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and intelligent Computer Vision (CV) technologies natively available within the Nividous platform.

Shvetal Desai, Co-founder of Nividous, says, “The advancements in our platform’s IDP capabilities have helped several of our customers, from automobile to consumer goods companies, cut down the upfront time spent on building automation workflows by 10x. Moreover, end users can train these models for further customization on top of what is available out-of-the-box.”

A general form processor allows any format and type of documents, including skewed and rotated, to be processed with utmost accuracy. There is no need to create templates for each document or document type. Users simply pick out the fields that need to be extracted based on the selected pre-built model type ( e.g. invoice) and can then add as many additional fields as are required. Tabular data fields can also be extracted without defining each column. Once the extraction is done, the extracted data is presented in an intuitive maker-checker split view for users to review and make corrections if required. Check out this video to see Nividous Bots in action performing intelligent automation to process invoices using IDP.

The native Business Process Management (BPM) component within the Nividous platform remains vital for all IDP-led business process automation. The BPM component adds workflow capabilities to allow businesses to automate any complex process end-to-end (even those that necessarily include humans).

Nividous invests heavily in its R&D efforts and constantly works towards simplifying the overall experience of using its intelligent automation platform which is consistently shown to be very fast to implement and easy to learn. Nividous plans to introduce more domain specific IDP solutions, including insurance and healthcare and support for multi page data extraction.

Find out more about IDP and how Nividous can help you with this technology here.

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