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    Nividous at IBM Impact 2013


    Mumbai, 25th April 2013:

    As a part of strategic roadmap towards the expansion and growth, Nividous will have active attendance in IBM’s Impact 2013. Nividous envisions this event as an opportunity for exploring possibilities on new business engagements, exploring mutually beneficial partnership, enhancing the relationship with existing engagements, and getting insights of latest trends in technology adoption. The rich experience on Business Process Management (BPM) domain, not only makes Nividous a leading company in BPM implementation services, but also allows them to leverage their experience and skills for selected allied domains like SOA, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility.

    About IBM Impact 2013

    In today’s technology driven world, business automation is one of the key focus areas of all IT and business leaders in order to compete with the new business challenges. The Impact 2013 is designed for key decision makers from the industry, providing them an opportunity for getting exposed towards the latest technological trends i.e. Mobile, Social, Cloud and Big Data and re-imagine their operations, their processes, and their technology.

    Connect with us

    At Impact 2013 Nividous will be led by its Co-Founder, Mr. Kaushal Mashruwala, who comes with 17+ years’ experience of very successful track record in building and providing implementation services for world’s leading BPM platforms, including IBM.

    Please connect with [email protected] to schedule a meeting with Mr. Kaushal Mashruwala during Impact 2013 schedule or days around.

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