Nividous’ Customer, MedHelp, Inc., Achieves 75% Reduction in Manual Efforts Automating Its Claim Submissions Using Nividous Platform

Nividous Customer Medhelp Inc Achieves 75 Percent Reduction in Manual Efforts Automating its Claim Submissions Using Nividous Platform

Moorestown, NJ, 9th June 2022

Nividous enables MedHelp Inc., a revenue cycle management company, to automate its manual claims submission process using Nividous' intelligent automation platform. The customer has achieved a 75% reduction in human effort required and 85% improved process turnaround time.

Nividous, an intelligent automation company, has helped numerous companies, including MedHelp, Inc., improve their revenue cycle processes. The automation delivers exceptional benefits that translate into superior claims management, improved compliance, and much more.

MedHelp, Inc., a leader in providing revenue cycle management solutions, offers a suite of service solutions that include traditional medical billing, coding, credentialing, accounts receivable, and physician productivity analysis.

To modernize its revenue cycle management operations, which directly impact the business' core offerings, the company partnered with Nividous to leverage its RCM solution – powered by the Nividous intelligent automation platform.

"For us, the starting point was obvious – optimizing claims submissions to strengthen our practice's financial health and unburden our staff from a huge backlog of aged claim submissions. We wanted to eliminate all inefficiencies, including the risk of human errors, that arise out of manual work. Nividous' intelligent bots effectively meet the business need with automation of the claims submission process, pulling data from MedHelp's internal systems and submitting to the Maryland State Medicaid portal," said Rick Greenberg, Chief Operating Officer at MedHelp, Inc.

He further adds, "Nividous RCM solution eliminates the backlog from recurring while reducing the manual effort by 75%. The process turnaround time has improved by 85%. This automation is just a starting point for MedHelp Inc. in its journey to completely modernize its RCM functions using Nividous' intelligent automation platform."

Alan Hester, president of Nividous, underlines, "Nividous’ customers, including MedHelp Inc. have seen tremendous success in reimagining their revenue cycle processes. The key is to look at any automation project with a holistic approach. This approach enables effective orchestration of work between technologies, processes, and people delivering the best optimal business value."

"With the claim submission automation, the Nividous Bots automate data entry, field-level validation, and verification of data, ERA forms filling and claim submissions and activate scheduled email triggers in case of exceptions. Our RCM solutions truly deliver a competitive edge to the customer.”

About Nividous

Nividous helps you to unleash the true potential of your workforce by humanizing work with its Hyperautomation platform.

The Nividous leadership team has decades of experience delivering hundreds of digital process automation solutions to companies and organizations of various sizes around the world.

Leveraging its tremendous domain expertise, the Nividous team offers vertical solutions that are RPA and AI-enabled and built on configurable process automation capabilities to empower businesses to operate with flexibility and agility. Nividous also offers end-to-end professional services that include process discovery, implementation, support, and building Centers of Excellence (CoE).

About MedHelp

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD since 1992, MedHelp, Inc. provides unparalleled revenue cycle management solutions nationwide for 24 Specialties, too include FQHCs, Physician & Specialties Groups, Urgent Care Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Substance Abuse/Behavioral Health Clinics and Hospitals

Solutions include Medical and Fee-for-Service billing too include 24 specialties. Facility solutions include pro-fee billing, denials management, credentialing and emergency department MCO denial appeals services. For additional information, please visit

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