Nividous is Excited to Sponsor and Exhibit at ViVE 2023

Nividous is Excited to Sponsor and Exhibit at The ViVE 2023

Moorestown, NJ, 2nd March 2023

We are pleased to announce that Nividous will be sponsoring and participating in the ViVE 2023 event powered by CHIME + HLTH on March 26-29, 2023. Meet the Nividous team on the exhibit floor booth #2156 and discover the most competitive ways to transform your healthcare operations with end-to-end intelligent automation. Register now and save $150 with the code VIVE23SP_Nividous150.

Nividous is Excited to Sponsor and Exhibit at The ViVE 2023Nividous is Excited to Sponsor and Exhibit at The ViVE 2023

The ViVE 2023 event will provide unforgettable experiences to senior digital health leaders around healthcare, IT innovation and business transformation. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet innovation leaders like us and equip yourselves with the knowledge you need to advance your healthcare business. We are excited to meet and discuss how intelligent automation can help you quickly digitize seemingly complex processes, allowing you to take your patient experience up a notch.

Our record in healthcare speaks for itself, we have helped numerous US healthcare companies streamline and automate their business processes across the value chain. One of our customers has even brought home the gold by winning the process automation award. We are eager to meet and demonstrate how Nividous’ proven intelligent automation platform can improve front-office support, connect discrete systems, and enhance data confidentiality.

We can demonstrate how to use our proprietary native IDP capabilities to extract and report on data related to patient records, medical codes, and billing and claims processing involving EMR or legacy or third-party applications.

Taking a holistic approach to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) processes allows companies in the healthcare industry to focus on what’s most important – the ability to exceed in patient care while simultaneously lowering costs. Nividous has built several solutions in this space that will work well with the other tools that you have already invested in.

Through Nividous’ Quick Start Guarantee, organizations can realize the benefits of Nividous’ technology at no risk. This program jumpstarts organizations’ automation journeys and produces a trained bot within 3-4 weeks at no risk.

You can still register at the discounted rate saving $150 by using the code VIVE23SP_Nividous150. If you wish to reach us directly, contact us at [email protected] or +1 (442) 444 2767. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

About Nividous

Nividous, a global intelligent automation company, is passionate about enabling organizations to work at their peak efficiency.

The Nividous leadership team has decades of experience delivering hundreds of digital process automation solutions to companies and organizations of various sizes around the world.

Leveraging its tremendous domain expertise, the Nividous team offers vertical solutions that are RPA and AI-enabled and built on configurable process automation capabilities to empower businesses to operate with flexibility and agility. Nividous also offers end-to-end professional services that include process discovery, implementation, support, and building Centers of Excellence (CoE).

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