North America’s Largest Optometrist Achieves Improvement in Revenue Cycle Visibility

North America’s Largest Optometrist Achieves Improvement in Revenue Cycle Visibility



The client is North America’s largest network of independent optometrists consisting of 4500+ members across 3300 offices. The client offers its member clinicians access to innovative and evolving patient discovery channels including an ever expanding list of leading medical groups and integrated health systems collaborated by affiliated optometrists. Looking to improve its functionality and revenue cycle visibility among members and provide a fully-functional modern network to connect with other members, the client engaged Nividous to provide necessary solutions.


The project posed two basic challenges for Nividous team, each with peculiar requirements. The first one was associated with improvement in visibility of revenue cycle of members. The members used excel sheets to forecast their business and to calculate complex perks and benefits for members. The current system was prone to human negligence, errors and delays that were to be tackled using an automated system for business forecast and to calculate and maintain perks and benefits to members.

The second challenge was more about improving connectivity and engagement between fellow members. The current desktop portal had various features like corporate social network, networking group, news, event management and vendor directory but lacked Mobility support to improve connectivity and take it to the next level for members.


Nividous team followed a two level approach to solve the client’s problems and worked closely with the IT and business teams to provide necessary solutions. For improving visibility related to revenue cycle of members, Nividous developed a graphical and mobile-responsive tool that the members can use for inputting sales, costs and expenses. The tool would in turn offer output in the form of next year’s forecast while also providing the capability to comparatively analyze current and coming year’s sales and expenses..

Working on advanced technology involving DotNetNuke (DNN), ASP.Net, Jquery, Telerik, MS SQL Server, IIS, the tool provided clear visibility in revenue cycle for coming months to individual members. This helped them improve the growth of organization while helping them set personal goals in terms of revenue and sales.

For tackling the second part of the challenge to improve connectivity and engagement among members, the Nividous team identified the data model for extending the functionalities of existing portal. Nividous then developed native iOS and Android apps for members that offered a number of features secure login, corporate social network with groups, news and search feature, push notifications for comments/posts on wall, etc. The new mobile app made it convenient for members to share photos and hyperlinks with other members in the network. The solution by Nividous included the following components:

  • Native iOS mobile app developed using XCode
  • Native Android mobile app developed using Android Studio
  • WebAPI for communication between mobile devices and database
  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and FireBase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Push Notifications

Owing to the improvement in portal functionalities and mobile apps, there was a drastic increase in user engagement. Portal features were extended to Android and iOS mobile devices and that led to increased activity by even those members who were inactive on existing corporate social network.


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