Automated Exchange Bonus Claims Processing for an Automotive Company

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An Automotive Company Uses Nividous Smart Bots for Automated Exchange Bonus Claims Processing



  • Automotive

Processes Automated

  • Exchange bonus claims

Hyperautomation Highlights

  • On-device intelligent data extraction
  • Native Computer Vision-based OCR capabilities
  • Real-time validation of extracted data
  • Automated email notifications of an approval or a rejection
  • Tracking of a live workflow that is natively embedded in the platform
  • Intuitive dashboards with slice and dice reporting

Automated Exchange Bonus Claims Processing for an Automotive Company

This customer wanted to leverage intelligent automation to significantly improve its back-office operations. The target process involved field sales representatives claiming their bonus for selling a car when there is a trade-in. It required significant involvement of back-office staff in manually verifying and approving several documents.

Nividous Smart Bots enabled on-device data extraction and auto-approval through an integrated workflow which allowed the customer to streamline the process and automate most of the manual operations.

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We have been able to eliminate almost 90% of our manual efforts for the exchange bonus claim process with the help of the Nividous platform’s Hyperautomation capabilities. The process is now streamlined and automated end-to-end freeing up our knowledge workers to focus on more productive tasks.

Deputy Manager

A Leading Automotive Company


Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

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