A manufacturer automates order management process with Bizagi BPM

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Manufacture Automates Order Management Process with Bizagi BPM

A Leading Manufacturer Automates Order Management Process with Bizagi BPM



  • Manufacturing

Solutions Highlights

  • Order management solution using Bizagi BPM
  • Integrated solution for product warranty management
  • Seamless integration with warehouse system and other IT systems

A leading joint venture offering services in Asia-Pacific region

The customer is a joint venture combining one of the largest photographic firms and a well-known document management company. Their entire order management process was manual and required digitization to gain visibility into its core operations.

Nividous developed and deployed an enterprise-wide order management solution using the Bizagi BPM platform within 32 weeks. The platform became its core system to manage complete operations related to order management and product warranty renewals.

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Managing a large volume of orders using discrete legacy systems required significant manual efforts across geographies. Nividous’ certified Bizagi implementation experts successfully rolled out the complete enterprise-wide order management solution within 32 weeks. We have been able to speed up the order fulfilments and warranty renewals due to enhanced end-to-end process visibility.

Manager, Integrated Supply Chain & ITS Operations Support, CSO

A Joint Venture of Well-known Photographic Firm and a Document Management Company


Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

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