Data Extraction with Intelligent Automation for A Market Research Firm

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RPA and AI: Automation in Accounting and Finance
March 11th   1:00 PM EDT

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Market Research Firm uses Nividous RPA Intelligent Automation

A Market Research Firm uses Nividous Smart Bots for Intelligent Data Extraction from Deal Announcements



  • Market Research

Processes Automated

  • Extracting critical information from Deal Announcements (Articles) using ML and NLP

Automation Highlights

  • Intelligent automation with in-built ML and NLP capabilities
  • Bots with human-like cognitive abilities could perform a series of tasks in minutes
  • Bots log the confidence level of processed data for users to prioritize for review

A Leading Market Research Firm

The customer offers a distinctive combination of consulting and research capabilities to global companies. The process for providing fact and experience-based research to capture the essential outsourcing deals within Information Technology and Business Process sectors was incredibly time-consuming. Research analysts were required to spend hours daily, identifying news through excel filtration, performing internet search, data extraction, and summarization. Nividous Smart Bots with machine learning and natural language processing capabilities automated the end-to-end process, intelligently performing several tasks in minutes.

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With the help of intelligent automation capabilities of Nividous Smart Bots, our skilled research analysts are now free from cumbersome tasks. They can focus their time and efforts on productive tasks involving their research expertise. We have seen significant improvement in the end-to-end process turnaround time and both in employee and customer satisfaction.

Vice President - Information Services

A Leading Market Research Firm


Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

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