BPM Platform Partners


IBM® Business Automation Workflow is a platform to create workflow applications to improve productivity. Nividous has a dedicated practice set up for the IBM business automation workflow platform and works closely with the IBM team right from the pre-sales cycle to the implementation of the platform.


Bizagi is a digital business platform powered by process pioneers. Bizagi’s passion has inspired Bizagi to deliver software that supports rapid process automation across the customer enterprise. Nividous has partnered with Bizagi to offer world class Bizagi BPM implementation services on the Bizagi Digital Business Platform.

Salient Process

Salient Process is one of five firms globally to be IBM BPM Accredited and is an IBM Premier Business Partner.Nividous and Salient have decided to work together to complement each other with capabilities of workforces that drives the innovation in the BPM Implementation space.


Appian is consistently rated as a leader in the space of digital transformation platforms. As part of the Nividous commitment to work with innovative and best in class BPM platforms, Nividous has partnered with Appian to offer Appian BPM implementation services.

Progress Software

Progress Software is a leading Application Development platform company. As part of its portfolio of products, Progress Software has the OpenEdge BPM offering and a very strong Business Rules Engine, Corticon. Nividous has partnered with Progress Software to offer digital business solutions using OpenEdge BPM and Corticon BRMS.

IIR Solutions

IIR Solutions Pvt. Ltd, is a leading technology consulting and services company in Australia. Nividous partners with IIR solutions aiming to empower enterprises around the globe to create maximum business value with the help of strategic technology consulting, robust business automation solutions and complete solution lifecycle support.


Axon Ivy, the Digital Business Platform, is recognized as a strong performer by Forrester and used by over 2,000 companies worldwide. The platform combines the speed and agility of a model-driven low-code development platform with the power to build enterprise-grade applications. It is incredibly scalable, optimized for faster implementation, and offers a future-proof extensible architecture.