Welcome to Nividous

Welcome to Nividous

In this blog, I intend to focus on why we formed Nividous.

Both myself and Shvetal have spent more than 14 years with Business Process Management Platform company, Savvion (now Progress). In several ways, Savvion was the first company to bring commercial BPM platform to the market and have over years remained as thought leader in evolution of BPM platforms.

Through our journey, we have seen BPM platforms evolve and creating its own space in enterprise software. Because process exists everywhere, in early days there was a lot of confusion in market place as exactly what BPM is suppose to do. Those days are behind us and there is general acceptance and understanding on expectations of BPM platforms.

However, though there is significant adoption of BPM, in my opinion, it adoption never “exploded”.

There can be several arguments around why it has not exploded so far. However, at the core of it there lies one single problem – “Implementation” of BPM platforms and Programs.

Success of BPM platform will be defined by how well and easily they get implemented and supported and whether customer is able to achieve promised Return on Investment (RoI) or not.

There will be several claims that XYZ customer have achieved several hundred % ROI with less than a year. Those claims are true. However, those claims are for a “Single” Process Solution that customer has deployed, which is more than likely to be a very mission critical process, for which customer has significant cost already associated with. This is the reason why several BPM platform vendors started focusing on “Vertical Process Solutions” rather than just offering platform.

I am all for Vertical Process Solution. It helps customer establish value of BPM internally within organizations and achieve initial RoI very quickly as well as involves business through decision making and implementation. On the other side it helps reduce sales cycle for platform vendor very significantly.

However, in most (my judgment is 80%) cases, BPM platform doesn’t go beyond first process solution. Why?

At Nividous, one of our core focus is to solve this “Why?”! We have indentified some of core issues and continue to do so as we engage with our BPM programs of our customers.

We will be sharing our experiences through this medium.

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